Pair of Nordic Poles, Lightweight Anti-Shock Telescopic Poles with Ergonomic Cork Grip, Nordic Walking, Trekking, Hiking (Pack of 2 Poles, Carrying Ba

Product Description
This luxury nordic poles package is designed for demanding and comfort-seeking pole walking enthusiasts. It includes two finest nordic poles, a carrying bag and replaceable accessories you need from time to time. The 3-sections telescopic poles designed to be used anywhere anytime. They offer the convenience of one size fits all and are ideal for traveling due to their portable nature. The pole grips are cork-coated which make them very comfortable. With the silky, adjustable straps with a perfect fit that help ensure effortless, natural and easy arm, you will walk longer than you actually planned. The anti-shock mechanism reduces up to 25% of body weight from knees (joints), feet and lower back, allows for a longer more enjoyable walking experience. Made of expedition-grade aluminum, this strong lightweight telescopic pole features an ergonomic grip and a quick adjust system for fast accurate sizing. The poles go from sidewalk to trail with ease. They have a carbide tip for trail use, covered with a rubber ferrule for use on pavement. You can easily pop off the rubber ferrule as you go from street to trail, and put it back on afterwards. For extra stability, for relief of strain on your hips, knees, and ankles, and for extra calorie burn, these poles are a good fitness tool. Package includes: Pair of Nordic Poles, one extra pair of round rubber tips, one pair of wider(paws) rubber tips and carrying bag.
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