Katadyn Vario Multi Flow Water Microfilter

Product Description
112694 Features: Multi-stage filtration system can be engaged for a longer life Dual-mode option- Fast flow or Longer Life Replaceable carbon core reduces toxins and chemicals to keep water tasting fresh Adapter base can be attached directly to water bottles or an output hose for hydration systems Dual-piston pump for maximum output High surface area glassfiber microfilter removes bacteria and cysts Specifications: Weight: 15 ounces Height: 65 inches Filter element: Ceramic- Carbon Output rate: 2 qt-min Cartridge capacity: 500 gallons.

Key Details:
* Output: Up to 2 quarts (2 liters) per minute
* Cartridge Capacity: Up to 500 gallons (1875 liters)
* Weight: 15 ounces
* Height: 6.5 inches
* Hose Length: 36 inches
* Includes prefilter, cleaning pad, and deluxe carry bag
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