Indoor Cycling Bike - Fitness Master X Series Momentum

Schwinn 860 Treadmill

Indoor Cycling Bike - Fitness Master X Series Momentum
The X Series Momentum Home Indoor Training Bike, a feeling for the quality of much more expensive bike business, but at a price you can take home. The heavy 44 lb flywheel to meet with a low-maintenance belt drive all the challenges that can give you. The bicycle seat is anatomically shaped with a cut-away center section developed, coupled with high performance weighted pedals bike. With a commercial grade handlebars and seat, with the two, adjust the horizontal and vertical. A style of bicycle bottle holder with a bottle of water momentum included. X Series Momentum the bike for training, is that you place within the next effort cycling outdoors.
The Master X Series Indoor Cycling Bike has a flywheel with an 44-pound-quiet belt drive with low maintenance. The seat is anatomically a central part cut away. Interior pedals are weighted. Handlebars and the seat can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. Bottled water comes with the bike and is in a bike rack style. Composite (included assembly tools included), the bike is 42 cm long x 20 cm x 42 cm tall and weighs 125 pounds. Guaranteed against defects in parts for 1 year to six months pillows and Toe Straps and five years for the frame. A division of labor warranty is 90 days.
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