adidas F50 Xite Soccer Ball

Product Description
Optimal for training on all surfaces, the adidas F50 Xite Soccer Ball is possibly the most control-friendly ball ever produced. Its revolutionary panel shape--with a unique mix of triangular and diamond shapes--and improved carcass construction provide a smooth kicking surface to ensure consistent accuracy and power with every shot. This stylish ball is also accented with wavy, futuristic graphics.
The machine-stitched construction ensures soft touch and high durability. This low-rebound ball is made from 30 percent thermoplastic polyurethane, 60 percent thermoplastic elastomerics, and 10 percent polyester. Polyurethane (PU) soccer balls offer a synthetic material that feels much like leather, but are scuff- and water-resistant thanks to the rubbery elastomers. This ball also has a glossy coating for additional protection.

At the core of the ball is the butyl bladder, which offers many of the same properties as latex but does not stretch and thus makes the ball feel harder and have a lower bounce. Butyl is also non-porous, helping the ball stay inflated longer.

Soccer Ball Sizes

* Size 3: 23- to 24-inch circumference, weighs 11-12 ounces; smallest and are generally used for children under the age of 8
* Size 4: 25- to 26-inch circumference and weighs 12-13 ounces; used for players between the ages of 8-12
* Size 5: 27- to 28-inch circumference and weighs 14-16 ounces; international standard match ball for ages 12 and older (including all adult play)
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