Coleman Survival Kit

Product Description
The Coleman Survival Kit provides some of the essentials needed during an emergency. The First-aid kit supplies: ten small adhesive bandages, six medium adhesive bandages, one large adhesive bandage, four adhesive strips, three gauze pads, three alcohol pads, three antiseptic pads, one moleskin, two travel towels and one steel needle. In addition to the first-aid kit supplies, the Survival Kit includes foldable stainless-steel scissors, an emergency blanket, an emergency poncho, a signal whistle and zipper-pull compass thermometer, two Ilumistick glow sticks and waterproof matches. All of the items come in a zippered bag.

You never know when an accident or emergency can strike. Whatever the cause, the effects can be disastrous if you're not prepared to confront and cope in adverse situations. At home, on the road, or while camping, certain needs can arise and this survival kit has the essentials to help you get through the worst of times so you can head towards the best of times.

Product Features

* First-aid kit includes -
* Ten Small adhesive bandages, Six Medium adhesive bandages, One large adhesive bandage, One knuckle bandage, Four Adhesive strips, Three Gauze pads, Three Alcohol pads, Three Antiseptic pads, One moleskin, Two Travel towels
* Also includes - One steel needle, Nylon pouch, Foldable, stainless-steel scissors, Emergency blanket, Emergency poncho, Signal whistle, Two Illumisticks, Fifty drinking water tablets (helps purify water for drinking), Waterproof matches (two boxes).
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