ATN® PS - 23 - 3 Gen 3 Night Vision Goggle / Binocular

Product Description
ATN PS - 23 - 3 Night Vision Goggle / Binoculars: Goggle and 3X binocular versatility, even camera compatibility, in a powerful Generation 3 intensifier. ATN's most versatile night vision device! The PS-23-3 gives you three choices for application: Use them as standard goggles, screw on the included 3X lenses for binocular use and night observation or add the unit to a camcorder or standard camera to record activity. Any way you decide to use the PS-23-3, you get all the super-high resolution function of generation 3 light intensifier tubes. The PS-23-3 also has an built-in IR light source for close-up illumination in complete darkness. Have a look: Versatile 1X or 3X standard magnification; High-resolution generation 3B intensifier tube with B-rated low-occurrence blemish rating for small black specs in viewing; Resolution: 64-72 lp / mm; 200m detection range, 150 m recognition range; Built-in infra-red illuminator works like a flashlight for close viewing to 50 yds.; Digital controls allow you to activate or deactivate all of the features with the push of a button; Lens System: 24 mm, F 1:1.7, 6-elements all infra-red sensitive glass front lens system and an all glass three element eye-piece offer a wide field of view with excellent clarity; 40 degree FOV; Minimum focus: 1 ft.; Fully adjustable head mount for hands-free use; Automatic bright light shut off; "IR On" indicator and low battery blinking indicator are both in field of view; -40 degrees C to +40 degrees
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